The New Start….

It’s that time of year again, resolution time. 

Photo Credit: safri_khan

People make all kinds of resolutions. I think the most popular ones are to eat more healthy and to exercise more. Sound all to familiar?? 

We get out the paper and make our list. We then promise ourselves for the next year we will do everything on that list, everyday. No excuses. No skipping. No exceptions.

And then what happens 99.9% of the time…..we fail.

I think they reason we fail is because we set ourselves up to fail. We tell ourselves that if I can’t keep my resolutions everyday then I have failed. So why bother?

Now, we all have to admit that we are human and we make mistakes. But we also need to remember that we are all worthy of forgiveness

Instead of stressing yourself out to drastically change your life with new resolutions, look at it as a day to day goal.

Each day you wake up, give yourself a little pep talk before getting out of bed….remind yourself of your goals. And don’t forget to also remind yourself that this is a new day. Yesterday does not matter, it’s in the past and no longer your concern. Focus your energy on doing your best for that day. That’s it.

On this Thankful Thursday, please remember to be thankful for each new day you have been blessed to receive. Yesterday is done and tomorrow has not come. Today is what matters because today is the new start. The new start to being successful. The new start to helping others. The new start to living life with meaning.

Focus all your positive energy on today. Not on what happened yesterday. Not on what might happen tomorrow. Today. Today needs your full attention…

Then, go get ’em! Make it happen! Taste the sweet success! One day at a time!

(And if you happen to miss the mark, don’t worry. Remember, tomorrow will be the new start!)

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