An Easter Project…Inspired by Pottery Barn

I saw the new Pottery Barn catalog…and I got to thinking…maybe I could recreate part of this…

I knew I already had a few of the items, like the cherry blossoms and the black letters. So I decided to start collecting all the other items that I needed. I found the eggs at Jo-Ann fabrics on sale for 40% off and I had a coupon for an additional 25% off that…(Yippie!)…making them $4! I found a pitcher at Target for $13.

Time to create…I got out my black sticker letters and spelled out ‘Happy Easter’ and then I assembled everything together….

Here’s a close up of the letters spelling “Happy Easter.”

I tried my best to get really good pictures, but its so hard with all the windows in my kitchen.

I decided after I took these pictures to remove the lanterns from the table. I think it looks much better…

Have you started decorating for Easter yet?

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