A Visit to Missouri

This post brought to you by Missouri Division of Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love to travel. My slogan is, “I’ll go anywhere.” 
So far, that has been true.     
Ask me if I want to go to Missouri. I bet you already know the answer…YES!
Fun thing about Missouri is that I know a ton of people from there. 
Both my mother and mother-in-law grew up there. 
My husband was actually born in St. Louise. 
I guess you could say the state of Missouri has made a big impact on my life! 🙂
My mother-in-law has often talked about taking a trip with the whole family 
back to Missouri, specifically St. Louise. 
And of course, I would love to go on that trip. 
Not only to see old childhood memories, 
but to see all the the amazing sites this city has to offer. 
Did you know that The Saint Louis Zoo, the St. Louis Science Center, Grant’s Farm, 
Citygarden and the St. Louis Art Museum—are all free!
I have our trip all planned out! 

We could spend the first few days checking out the zoo and science center.

Then on day three we could see the famous Gateway Arch. 
A picture in front of that is a must! 
On our last day we could grab some world famous barbeque 
and catch a Cardinals Baseball game at Busch Stadium!          
Ok, now all we need to get are some plane tickets! 🙂
And because no discussion about Missouri would be complete
 without sharing this little detail about myself:     
I have been to Mansfield, Missouri a few times with my mother to visit family. 
On a particular visit, we drove over to visit Laura Ingalls Wilder historic home. 
Yep, since I was named after her I guess I needed to see where she lived! 🙂 
It’s a pretty neat tour and I recommend you stop by if you are ever in the area.
There is so much to see and do in Missouri beside visiting St. Louise. 
I am sure you have heard of a little place called Branson? 
50 live performance theaters, an amusement park, beautiful lakes and shopping! 
If you need a little more convincing, 
I’ve got a great little video that will want to make you pack your bags!

YouTube video

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So now, who’s ready to join me for a trip to Missouri?

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