A Reminder…You’re Worth It!

My sister, Stacy has a blog called Heartprints of God. And today she wrote a great reminder of how we should live everyday.

This morning for breakfast, I had the most amazing dining experience. I was seated at a quaint little outdoor patio table, surrounded by beautiful flowers and the soft fragrance of jasmine. The air was cool and fresh, and soft music could be heard in the distance. My meal was prepared to taste, and was absolutely delectable from the first bite until the last! Truly, it was an extraordinary way to start an ordinary day. But then again, I’m worth it!

 OK, before this starts sounding like a Loreal commercial, let me explain…(go HERE to read the rest of the story.)

On this Thankful Thursday, I wanted to pass along Stacy’s wisdom in hopes of helping you remember to live your life to the fullest. Take time to LIVE!! Taste it, smell it, touch it, experience it all because You. Are. So. Worth. It. =)


  1. Blog hopping! Thanks for the link to your sister’s site! I needed that reminder today! I’m going to stick around and snoop on your site a bit today…..

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