5 Minutes And You Are Done! The Easiest Shelf Tutorial!

I love the look and usefulness of wall shelves! Like these shelves from Ballard Designs…

You may remember, that I showed you how to make these cafe shelves for your very own. 

This shelf from Pottery Barn will be mine…oh yes.

Just not today. I want to make it! That will be a post for another I Finished It Friday!! 

But for all the things I love about wall shelves, there is one thing that I absolutely HATE about them….hanging them on the wall!!

I have spent many frustrating hours trying to accomplish this task. And it never fails. I will measure every angle at least three times. And then when I go to actually hang the shelf on the nails, I am always off by less than 1/2 inch. Just enough to have to remove the nail and start all over again. And then I just repeat this process for the next half hour. Fun, right?! Wait…what’s the opposite of fun? Oh yea, THIS!!!

Well, if you are anything like me…you are going to love this shelf hanging tutorial!! I discovered a trick that will get those shelves installed in 5 minutes (maybe less, if you are really talented) and perfect the first time! That’s right, THE FIRST TIME!! Interested? I thought so.


The only tools you need for this magic to happen is:
-a yard stick
-a pencil
-2 nails
-a hammer
-a level
-hanging nails
-and your shelf, of course!

First, use your yard stick to line up with the holes on the back of the shelf. 

Then mark that spot with a pencil. Next, take your two nails…

and hammer those into the yard stick on your marked spots. You don’t have to hammer them all the way threw, just about 1/2 an inch. 

Then you find your spot on the wall and line up your yard stick. To make sure you are perfectly level, lay your level on top of the yard stick and adjust accordingly.

Then you when are perfectly aligned hammer your yard stick into the wall. 

Now you have beautiful yard stick wall art. Love it?  I kid. Gently pull the yard stick out of the wall and you are then left with your guide holes. Now, simply place your wall hanging hardware in your guide holes.

And that’s it! All that is left is to hang your shelf on your perfectly measured hardware. Ta-dah!!!

All it took was 5 minutes and now I have a beautiful shelf installed! I don’t usually like to brag, but did you notice the level in the above picture….yea, I am that good!

Like I said, love the wall shelf! Did you notice the art on the shelf? I will be sharing the behind-the-scenes on that little project in the future.

So that’s it…the 5 minutes and you are done tutorial. Ok, I didn’t actually time it. but I think it’s close! 

Oh, and forgive me. I think I said the word shelf about 100 times! 🙂


  1. Wow!! What a pretty blog you have here. Love the crafty ideas too.

    Thanks for joining our hop today. I dropped by to follow you back.

    Happy thursday!

  2. very nice maybe i need you to come to my house and do some designs. LOL LOL JK. you really did a great job and it looks beautiful.

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