I Finished It Friday: Canvas Wall Art

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I found this art on Pinterest and I thought it was so elegant and yet so simple…

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Upon further review, I found out that the company resides is in the United Kingdom and charges 295 pounds (which is…gasp…. $486!!) for this lovely artwork. Oh, did I mention that they don’t deliver to the United States. At that price…I think I will gladly go to plan B. That’s right. It’s time to get my creative groove on!
I took a few trips to my favorite Hobby Lobby with a few 40% off coupons and gathered my supplies.

-3 art canvases (sized 11×14)
-13 wood letters (for the words love, laugh, live)
-spray glue
-spray paint
First, I measured out all my letter placement.
Then I sprayed the glue on the back and placed each letter on my canvas. 
Final step…the spray paint. Spray two coats over the entire canvas, letters included.
And it really is that easy folks! The finished project…

My version set me back about $25 bucks and I love it! That’s my project for this Friday. Next week I will show you the finished guest room! You won’t want to miss it…it’s going to be a big transformation!


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  1. Love it! Pinterest has all kinds of fascinating things. I have to watch my time on it or I’d be on there all day! Stopping by on the Girls Weekend Social Hop. Love your blog. It has all kinds of great ideas. I can’t wait to create some of them. 🙂

  2. that is great I also saw a blog where they used glue like a hot glue gun or regular elmers glue made the letters or design they wonted and then painted it after it was dry and it was beautiful. That would be a great alternative if you wanted to spend less and not have to buy the letters.

  3. I had repinned this in pinterest, so I’d remember I’d like to try it…what an awesome result you had! Really great pieces!!!

  4. it would be nice if there was a printable version of this so i can carry it with me to hobby lobby!!

  5. I was at Hobby Lobby today and they had 3-D stickers 40% off. You could make the original canvas just by using multiple sizes of stickers on the canvas and then spraypainting. You might have to buy quite a few packages though to get love that many times.

  6. Would this work and look as good with other colors? I want to try this but I need some punches of color on my boring white apartment walls.

  7. Do you think it would work to just: set the letters on the canvas, spray paint, and then remove the letters?
    I’m looking for a two-colored project.
    I haven’t yet used spray paint so I don’t know if the spray would cause the letters to shift around and look messy.

  8. Lisa, that may work. The only think I would worry about is getting a clean outline of each letter. But it could turn out beautifully! Ya don’t know until you try, so you got to try! 🙂

    Good luck and let me know how it goes.

  9. Can’t find small lower case letters I need. Any suggestions? Hobby Lobby didn’t have any.

  10. Tried it and love it!

    A few things I learned for next time:

    1. If you’re going to use a color other than white (I used olive green), spray a coat on the canvas and let it dry before attaching the letters. I didn’t do this and found that the canvas color peeks through around the edges of the words.

    2. Sand the words. I thought they looked fine and didn’t bother, but once I started painting, they appeared a bit rough.

    3. A sponge brush helps fix drips with a dabbing motion.

    1. Great info! I am just about to start this project with a color other than white and you just answered every issue I was thinking about!!

  11. Hi! I love your idea. I used craft super glue with a fine point to glue the letters. That worked and it stuck quick. My project turned out awesome! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. This was super easy! I’ve done 5 & have one more to do. I purchased ivory spray paint but can’t decide to use it or leave it as is (wood letter/white canvas contrast)..decisions, decisions.

  13. Is there any chance you could point out an online URL to find the letters. I can’t seem to find them anywhere in my town.
    What size are they by chance?
    Thank you so much for your assistance.


  14. I did an exact replica of the originals and can tell you, the letters pop off if they are only glued on. (I used the 1 1/2″ deep canvas, and it iwas $$)I took them to some craft shows….and didn’t sell as many as I thought I would, and they are fussy to deal with, but beautiful. If you are only doing them for home, I think they would be okay..

  15. I made these and they turned out fantastic! I also did Faith, Hope, and Dream and each one sits on a separate shelf around my bedroom. Loved this idea! Thanks!

  16. So beautiful! Silly question- do you spray glue the back of the letters or spray the canvas and then stick on the letters? Thanks!

  17. I am doing this for my friend’s wedding. I am putting the names of the bride & groom with the date underneath the names. Framing it then putting it out for the guests to sign as the guest book. Once the guests sign their names the names of the bride & groom will stand out. Hopefully creating a cherished memory.

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