I Finished It Friday: Painting Laminated Furniture


Well, hello there! And a happy Friday to you! I have been working on my new guest room and it is almost done. Which is good because my company will be arriving in about a week! Yippie!

One of the things that I changed in the guest room was my book shelves. This is what they looked like before they met my paint brush…

I had already started removing items off the shelves, when I remembered to take a picture. Theses shelves are ‘the faux’ stuff…in other words, laminated mdf. I thought it would be hard to paint these, but if you follow some important steps its actually pretty easy!
First step and the most important step if you ask me, is primer. But not just any primer will do. You need to buy primer that states it is for laminates and ‘adheres to dense, glossy surfaces without sanding or deglossing’.

That’s right…no sanding! I hate sanding and there is no need when you buy this awesome stuff! 

Here’s a better picture of the can…


So basically, I used the cheapest roller I could find and rolled over all the wood. I then used a little paint brush to get into all the tight to reach places. After two coats, I was ready to paint.

The paint color I used was called Swiss Coffee and I believe it is available at most home improvement centers. For this part, I purchased a quality brush to help reduce brush strokes.

And this is what they look like to day…

Pretty. Pretty. I love the white. It makes the room seem so much larger! I shared the whole story about my new West Elm’s inspired desk last Friday. I think the desk and the shelves make a great pair! 

I am sure you noticed some of my husbands Star Wars toys on display. As much as I would like to just make this room pretty and neatly decorated, I have to share. My husband will be in this room more than any over-night guests. And our home is as much his as it is mine. So, just for the record….I am trying to make an effort to include items he wants displayed as well. It’s all about compromise!

Just because we all love a good before and after…this is what this side of the room looked like before I got my fun paint on….

And now, fast forward to big desk gone. Beautiful white book shelves and a new simple desk…

It’s amazing how little changes can make big impacts. I can’t wait to show you the new room all completed.  I think that will be next weeks- I Finished It Friday. Hope to see you then!


  1. Nice changes made in those rooms. They look so fresh and updated!
    Thanks for letting me find you through the WIld Card Weekend. Looking forward to you checking out my site as well and hope you’ll follow back.

  2. Looks great – I always love to hear about and see amazing makeovers, especially the laminate furniture that is everwhere.

  3. I love it! What sheen ofswiss coffee did you use please? I have a decorators white i would love to try but its semi gloss—leftover trim paint! Thanks so much!

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