21 Days To A Clean Organized Home: Day 11 – The Clean Coat Closet


If your home is anything like mine, your hall coat closet is forever in need of organizing. 

Need to clean up fast for unexpected guests? Throw it all in the coat closet! Or you are cleaning house and you find some stuff that doesn’t have an obvious home. Throw it in the coat closet. How about your husband forgets to pick up the milk that you requested three times? Throw him in the coat closet! 🙂 Ok…maybe the last one is just at my home. But it does seem like things migrate to that tiny, little space all on their own. 

And it ends up looking something like this…

and this…

I personally love the fact that I have so much stuff crammed in there that the hanging divider is being pushed over at the bottom. That’s what you call “organizing gone bad”. 

I removed everything and started to sort stuff into those three famous piles…you know them by now. Although I did put some stuff into a fourth pile…Ebay. Hopefully, I can sell some things and make a little extra cha-ching.

The last time I organized the hall closet, which was over a year ago to the day! Wow… what’s the odds of that? Wild. Anyway…that’s when I purchased the door shoe holder. And  I still find it useful, so I think it will stay. But, I did make some new labels and re-organized it a bit.

I also picked up something at Target that I have been wanting for awhile…

This shoe rack only set me back about $13 bucks. I think it will be worth every penny so that I am not tripping over shoes in the middle of the night! My pug, Butters thought he would investigate my purchase. It passed the sniff test, so I guess I get to keep it. 🙂 

So after about a couple hours of work…I ended up with this…

I had to leave all of my sons games on the top shelf. I simply have no where else to store them. I did reorganize them so they fit better and are easier to get down.

The divided hanger holds sweat jackets, rain jackets, scarves, Sebastian’s snow boots and coats. 

I removed about six jackets. I feel extremely guilty for having some many coats when I know there are people without even one. So those coats will be donated to keep someone else warm and toasty. 🙂

The shoe rack is by far my favorite spot in this closet. So organized…it’s a thing of beauty, I tell ya! (Well, to me anyway!)

Along the right side of the shoe rack, I stored Sebastian’s tent and tunnel. 

The door is more organized now, too. I rearranged a few items and added some new labels.

This holder stores everything from dog poop bags and batteries to hats and gloves. The bottom row holds our house slippers. So when we come in the garage we can take our shoes off and slip right into some cozy slippers. This will help keep dirt and germs from grinding into our carpet and our feet will be warm and happy. Win, win!

I thought I would give a close up of one of the labels on the door… 

You should see him in that bear hat…too cute. 🙂 

So that’s my hall coat closet all organized.

Now, all that I ask is that the force be with me so that it stays this way!! 😉

Does you hall closet get crazy like mine? How do you keep it organized? 


  1. Oooh well done. I hope it stays so pretty and organised. What helps me stay organised? I make myself throw loads of stuff out everytime I organise a space. The less things I own the less things I need to find space for. And once it’s gone I forget all about it!

    1. That’s a great tip Alexandra! And its so true what they say…out of sight, out of mind! 😉

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