21 Days To A Clean Organized Home: Day 12– Organizing Your Desk


Because there are so many places in the home to keep a desk, I thought it would be fun to have a look around at a little eye candy to inspire us…

I love these desks because the space looks so organized.
And that wall system is amazing!

This desk has a nice open feeling. 
I like the wall shelves and the storage on the back wall.

I love double side desks. But with that view…
I would never get anything done. Gorgeous!

I think this desk is the winner! I like that it’s in a tucked
away nook, but still close to all the action in the home. L.O.V.E.

My desk area wasn’t too disorganized. The only thing, or I should say person, that gets that area messy is my son. It’s partially my fault…I let him eat there while he plays computer games. Which turns my desk into a sticky, crumbly, gooey, disaster area. Do you like to reach for your mouse and feel wet apple chunks? Nooooo? Me neither. But I have, on many occasions. 

This is what my desk looked like a few days ago….

Now this is really embarrassing, don’t judge people. I am showing you all my dirt…

That kid and his messes. Sheesh. Got to love him though. 🙂 At least I do! 

So I did some cleaning and some reorganizing and this is how it looks now…

And my sons trail of gooeyness…(yes, I made that word up)…is gone.

I really like the fold up door on my desk because I can hide the keyboard and other office accessories inside. I think that is what attracted me to build this West Elm’s look alike. If you would like to see how I built my storage desk, stop by here and read the story.

My ‘Inspiration Wall’ has to be my favorite part of my desk area. I love to be able to take a break from working, look up and read something inspiring. Real reminders of what my life is all about and what really matters. I took an up-close picture of two of my favorite messages to share with you….

In another house, in our future, (hopefully) we will all have our own desk area. But for now, we share. The good and the sticky.

So how clean is the top of your home computer desk? Does it need a little organizing and cleaning TLC? And don’t forget to take pictures…tomorrow is link up day. I hope you will join us! I want to see everyone’s progress!!!!

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