2018 Home Goals

I’m making a list of goals for our home — so I can hopefully accomplish a ton!


I’ve never been a big goal maker. Dreamer…yes. I can dream all the live long day. But actually write out an organized plan to accomplish those dreams — not so much. Well, today is a good day for change. Welcome to my 2018 Home Goals! 

So for the first time, I am going to write out my goals for our home. I am putting pen to paper, or make that typing to blog. 😉 I’m doing this for two reasons really. One — to hopefully stay on track this year and accomplish more. And two — to help me focus on my purpose and compare less.

For me, it can be kinda tricky in blogland to not constantly compare my home to other magnificent bloggers homes.  I am very grateful for my home, don’t get me wrong. But I need to often remind myself that everyone’s journey is different and unique. And mine is no different! So with all that said…I do feel pretty good looking back over the past years accomplishments.

Over the past 2.5 years, we have made some progress. The biggest change was the kitchen makeover! But a few other rooms also got a little makeover love like the dining room, half bathroom, the master bathroom, and the master bedroom. That’s proof of progress right?! So what’s on the list for 2018?

1- Finish the Basement Playroom

I started this room makeover back in 2016 and it’s still not totally finished. (That’s so embarrassing to admit!) Last time I showed you this room it looked like this:

This side is still the same but a bunch has happened to the other side of the room. And I still have a few DIY projects I want to complete in here. I’m thinking of even adding a little workout space in part of the basement too. Not only would that be fun to design, but my body needs a little DIY too. (hint, hint!). 😉 

2 – Landscaping

Lots of landscaping. We really have done nothing with our yard since moving in. Well, we have removed dead bushes/trees…like these rose bushes were removed and replaced with knock out rose bushes that weren’t doing well last year. Super sad about that and hope they make a come back this year.

We also removed the red bushes/trees along the side of the front porch because those were covered in aphids and were dying. You are welcome neighbors. 

So our plans are to put in a sprinkler system, build a raised garden, replace our edging and maybe even plant a few new trees. We will see, because the great Colorado outdoors could have other plans for us! It’s been so warm this winter that I’m ready to jump outside now and start tackling some of these projects! 

3 – My Office

Here’s another project that I started and never finished. Are you starting to see a pattern here? I am. (hiding my face). The last time you saw this room on the blog, it looked like this:

And I think I want to take this space in a totally different direction. I know. You’re like we didn’t even see the room completed. I just realized something over the past few months..I really love the look of black and white. I’m liked totally hooked! So I see this room going with some buffalo check and more black and white contrast. Something kinda like this:

(image source)

4 – The Living Room

I need to finish painting all the trim BUT I would also like to paint the whole entire room. All the way up the 20 feet vaulted ceilings. Gasp! The color the previous owners painted is a nice neutral…but a little too brown/yellowy for my taste. Here’s a peek at the current walls from last months Christmas home tour.

I would also like to replace our current leather couch and get some new seating options, a new coffee table and possibly a new rug too.

Which leads me to my last project which is also in the living room…

5 – Updating the Fireplace

I really want to give the fireplace a more modern look…something kinda like this…

(source of fireplace)

I don’t really have a clue how to make it over, but when there is a will… there is a way, right? 

Looking over this list of goals for 2018 can seem a bit overwhelming. But I do have a whole year to complete it right? And I am pretty sure I will complete more of my goals just because I was willing to list them out — one by one. 

So want to try it? What are your home goals for 2018? I would love to read your list!

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  1. I love you reading corner in the basement. So cute! My main goal is to organize my house, which I already have a good chunk of it done. Otherwise we need to finish our basement – installation is up but no walls. Plus finish the floor with carpet tiles. The last time we worked in the basement was before my youngest was born. She’ll be 2 in April. Lol

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