12 Weeks To An Organized Home- Part 7

The Kitchen Pantry…

I love my pantry. Although it is small, I am still so appreciative that my kitchen has one.

Let’s start by looking at the unorganized pantry, shall we…

I thought it was easiest to explain the organization process shelf by shelf. 
So here are pictures of the top shelf and the second shelf.
On the top shelf you will find a disarray of cereal and breakfast items. The second shelf has a mixture of pasta, marshmallows, extra condiments, brownie mixes, and rice.
On the third shelf you will see that I stocked up on that sale I mentioned on Classico Pasta Sauce. But then, I just shoved it onto the shelves where ever I had space! Bad idea! Now all I see is pasta sauce! The fourth shelf holds snack items like cookies, chips and such.
The floor of the closet is crammed with grocery bags, extra cereal, crackers, and dog food. (No, we don’t eat dog food, silly! I just like to store it here so that creatures don’t find their way in, if you get my hint!)
I installed this door shelving system a few years back when I once again, organized the pantry. I love the additional storage it has provided me. But right now I have to say, it’s not being utilized to its full potential!! 

The door shelves are storing items such as popcorn, flours, baking items, hot coco, nuts and dried fruits, and crackers. 

Now to see the finished project…

Much better, don’t you think? I know I do!
On the top shelf I still kept it mostly breakfast items but I cleaned out things that didn’t belong and items that were expired. The second shelf is where I placed all my pasta, quinoa, rice noodles, canned items (such as plums and tomatoes) and pasta sauces. I have started storing all my pasta in clear, air-tight containers. I love the organizational look it provides along with keeping the pasta stored properly. I would love to buy more to use for grains, flours, beans, etc. The list could go on forever! So you know what sales I will be keeping my eye out for! The third shelf has canned goods along with both chicken and beef broths.

The forth shelf now has baskets of organized snacks. One for sweet and one for salty! On the floor you will find dog food, portable lunch boxes, some flower vases and a giant box of crackers. I also have a little wire shelf attached underneath the forth shelf to store all Ziploc bags, cling wrap and foil. I also took a picture of my grocery bag collection. I have a little wall storage unit that holds all the bags. I have found that those bags come in handy for all types of projects around the house.

The door shelving system is now being used marvelously!! The top shelves store rice, unopened pasta, polenta, baking flours, and baking items such as chocolate chips and coco powder.

The bottom shelves are now storing hot coco, extra condiments, crackers, dried fruit, nuts and treats for the dog.

Overall, I think the pantry looks much better, plus I emptied it of all expired food. It’s always a good idea to go through and check those dates. You don’t want to be in a hurry cooking and grab something that has gone bad!! Not fun!! I also like the fact that now I know what I have and what I need to stock up on when it goes on sale. I am now one with my pantry!! 

So what’s in “store” for next week?? The fridge….to be continued.



  1. You are doing such a nice job with the organization. Very inspiring. I haven’t done as good as you but I did do a few rooms in our house that really needed it. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep it up! -Nirma

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement, Nirma! It’s scary exposing all my messiness to the world sometimes, but if you or anybody else can find it a little inspiring, then it’s all worth it!!

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