Can You Believe It?? I Made Home-made Bread!!

I did it! I made my first two loaves of home-made bread yesterday! I was so proud of myself. The bread turned out almost perfect! My husband told me today, “I wish you made homemade bread all the time!” Well guess what baby? I see more bread in your future! Cause now, that I know how and can definitely make more!!

Now, please don’t laugh at me if you are a professional home-made bread expert. I know I didn’t create a masterpiece or solve the world’s problems. But I do know that I helped my confidence in cooking get a little stronger. And that alone, made it all worth it!! 

My bread recipe came from the February 2010 issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine. The recipe is for a basic white bread and then they give you the option to make 3 additional types of bread by tweaking the original recipe with different ingredients. I wanted to find the internet recipe because the magazine has wonderful step by step pictures. I found those to be very helpful.  

So I encourage you to try this recipe if you have never made home-made bread before. And even if you have, give this recipe a whirl. You may be surprised!

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