12 Weeks To An Organized Home- Part 6

The bedroom dresser…

This was a little embarrassing to share with you. Now, not as bad as the laundry room, but bad. I assume most people can open their drawers whereas I could not. I know…that’s bad! I guess I just ignored it, thinking I would eventually get around to cleaning them out. Well, that day has finally arrived!! 

Here are some pictures of the before, stuck drawers and all!!

The bottom drawers are so crammed full of stuff that it takes major work to get the drawer all the way open. So you see my immediate need to clean and organize!! 

That upper middle drawer is my husband’s sock drawer. It’s full of socks he never, ever wears. I am not kidding, this drawer has been the home to socks that have not seen the light of day since 2003!!! And my sock drawers are so packed full that I usually were the same few pairs of socks over and over.

So like all previous tasks, I dumped everything out and sorted it into the 3 famous piles: keep, sell and throw out. We now can present to you the finished project…

Drawers that can actually open!! Smoothly, I might add! Yippee!! The left drawer contains workout clothes along with swim suites and accessories. The right drawer contain camis, night gowns, and pajama sets.

Socks that are organized by color and are all neatly folded and organized so that I can actually were more than a few pairs! It’s like I went shopping!!

 Both his and hers undergarments neatly organized. B-E-A-utiful!!

This was a much needed organizational project. I now have even more socks and undergarments even though I did throw out quite a few. It’s kinda like a treat to get dressed now. I find myself saying, oh boy…what pair of socks am I going to wear today?!! (Find the joy in the little things, right?!)

Next week, I am heading to the kitchen. Time to organize the pantry. To be continued….



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