12 Weeks To An Organized Home- Part 5

Sebastian’s Bedroom Closet!

I know this organization item was not on my list, but I just wanted to share with you a transformation that turned out so well. Not only is this closet now extremely functional and useful, it also just looks nice. 

Let’s see the closet before my project began.

Now, you can tell by looking at the picture, that this closet had already gone through a big transformation. When we had our son, I knew that fitting all the required baby furniture in his room was going to be a tight fit. So I had the idea to remove the closet doors and the closet racks to transform the area into  a changing station. I installed on over head light that was on a very low dimmer so when those middle of the night diaper changes happened, everybody wouldn’t be blinded! It really worked out to be a super nice addition to his room. But now, he’s out grown the changing station and I need more storage, so…it’s time to welcome back the closet!

Here is what the closet looks like now!


I installed a multi-level shlevling system that has become a great storage center for all things baby related. Not only does my son have a closet that can grow with him as he gets bigger, but I have a place to store all the baby things I want to keep for baby number 2, if were are so blessed! 

The very top shelf is great for storing extra baby blankets. The next middle shelf below is great for storing those super nice nursing pillows! I loved those things and I was lucky enough to have been given two! So I left one in the nursery and one downstairs! So helpful, I highly recommend them if your are pregnant! To the right of those pillows I have hung his winter coats, vests and light jackets. Below that I have a shelf for his sweaters.

On the floor below his sweaters I placed a giant storage box. I am using this to store all the clothes I will later sale. That way, each season, I know right where the cloths are, no sorting and organizing. Just pull out and sale!

The other side of the closet stores more baby items, like my nursing pump, a baby lamp and baby toys. The next shelve down is were I have hung his shirts. The middle shelf next to that has a bag were I store all the clothe items for my son that are to big. Sometimes you may receive items as gifts or find something on sale at a great price that is too big to wear currently. That’s okay, just find a place to store the items and then you have your own clothing store!! It’s fun to pull the bag out every few months and go shopping!! That’s what it feels like to me anyway!!

The bottom of the closet on this side stores 3 plastic bins. Each one of those bins hold baby clothes for the first year. I have them organized by months: 1-6, 6-9, and 9-12. I saved my favorite outfits as well as unisex items do that if we happen to have a girl in the future, we would still have some clothing for her. I have also stored a baby rocker and a diaper bag.

Overall, I love this new closet. I was a little sad to see the changing station go because that meant my baby was no longer a baby. But really, change is good. I love all the storage space I now have and I do love that my little baby is now a little preschooler. 

I hope you enjoyed my little side project. I will be back on schedule next week with the bedroom dresser. To be continued… 


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