Keep Your Eye On Your Master…

I was at the gym today, walking on the treadmill when I noticed the Westminster Kennel Club   dog show was on one of the TV monitors. Now, I had no sound, as I was plugged into my I-pod. But even with no sound, I still found it very interesting to watch all the different types of dogs compete in the show. 

As I watched each dog run with his trainer under the careful eyes of the judges, I observed a repetitive action that every dog did with his trainer. As the trainer would start to lead the dog into a light run, the dog would start running with confidence,  looking forward with his head held up high. But only after a few seconds the dog would turn and look at his master. It was a quick look, only to confirm that he was indeed performing the right actions. Then the dog would turn back to look straight ahead, proud and confident. The dog repeated this procedure several times throughout the quick little jog. Never losing sight and communication with his master trainer. Seeing this made me think…how often do I take my eyes off my Master?

Sometimes, in our day to day activities,  life can pull us in so many directions that we forget to look to our Master to see if we are indeed on the right path. We need our eyes to be focused on Him.  With Him we feel reassured and confident that we can complete the tasks at hand.  We then can simply strive to do our best. With our heads held up high, knowing that our Master is leading us.

On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for the reminder from some very cute four-legged friends. Always keep your eye on the Master, let Him lead you to a life of victory!!

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