12 Weeks To An Organized Home-Part 3

The Guest Bathroom!
I have to say, I was surprised how quickly I organized this space. And I might add, that was a nice surprise!

So, let’s start with the room. 

I realize there are no hanging towels. They are being washed at the moment. So you will have to wait until the end to see the bathroom completely organized and presentable!

This is where the real problem exists! 

Let’s get a closer look, shall we?

This area under the sink can get so disorganized, so fast! Everyone just throws things under, shuts the cabinet, and walks away! Well no more!! It’s time to get organized!

So I removed everything and wiped down the inside of the cabinet. I then replaced items that didn’t belong with items that needed to be in this space. Then I started carefully placing items back in….and presto…organization!


These pictures show the left side and right side of the cabinet. Doesn’t that look better? I found that I was storing tons of things that didn’t belong plus I wasn’t really utilizing the space at all!! I am now able to store towels and extra toiletries where as before, they would have never fit.

So here is the finished look…

I love the new organized look under the sink and now this area is checked off my organizational list. Just 10 more to go! Next week….the laundry room! To be continued…

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