12 Weeks To An Organized Home-Part 2


The Hall Closet!

I thought the first place to begin was to show you what I was dealing with on a daily basis.

This was the inside of the closet door. I had a rack with multiple hooks to organize jackets and such. Working great, isn’t?

This is a glimpse of the floor area of the closet. Nice how everything just gets tossed in!!

Here is a picture of the top shelf of the closet. I tried to use baskets to organize gloves and hats…this is maybe, kinda working?? Na…who am I kidding?

And this is the final picture of the whole closet! What an unorganized mess!!

This project did not actually take me that long once I decided to focus on the task. The first thing I did was remove everything from the closet. I sorted things into three piles: keep, sell, donate. I then started with the closet door. I found a shoe organizer on sale at Target and thought this might be the best way to organize little things. And you know what? I think I was right!

I started organizing at the bottom. I gave each family member a row for hats, gloves, etc. I then labeled them with a color coordinated system. Orange was for my son, green for my husband, pink for me and yellow was for miscellaneous. Here’s a closer look:

This shows the top row which I designated to our pug, Butters. Here his leash, poop bags, extra leashes and collars along with his brush are neatly organized and easy to find. And with the written labels, there are no excuses for not put things back were they go!!

Next, I moved on to the top shelf. I organized my purses and bags, along with hats and games for Sebastian.

I then got a sweater organizer on sale at Target to organize some bigger things, like purses, rain jackets, all of Sebastian’s winter clothes (snow suit, snow boots, and gloves) and Sebastian’s winter coat with matching hat. I thought these shelves would be handy when we were in a hurry. Everything that matches and goes together is all on the same shelf!

I even added written colored labels on the shelves so we all knew exactly were everything went! Doesn’t that look nice?!

With everything in it’s place, the floor was a breeze to organize! Although, I do want to pick up a shoe rack someday, but I will wait until I find one on sale!

So, lastly I give you a picture of the completed hall closet, all beautifully organized!!

I have to tell you, I am loving my newly organized closet. The door shuts so easily now! HA HA! Who knew?!

What’s up for next week? The guest bath! To be continued….

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