ZhuZhu’s and Enchiladas Go Together Perfectly!

Last night,  I was in the kitchen preparing some Cheese and Beef Enchiladas. Usually I can cook in the kitchen while my son watches one of his favorite PBS programs…but not yesterday. It was different because I was attacked by ZhuZhu pets!

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If you are a mom of a preschooler, you know all about ZhuZhu pets. They are basically little toy hamsters that are motorized. They can go forward and backwards and spin around if they run into any obstacles. They can “talk” to each other, which basically sounds like little squeaks! My son got his first four ZhuZhu pets last Christmas and he played with them the whole day. He has loved them off and on for months. So I thought a great present for his Easter basket would be two more. So yes, when you do the math…that’s a total of six ZhuZhu pets running around my house at one time!!! PURE CRAZINESS!!

But for some reason, two days ago, my son became obsessed with them!!!!! He woke up and went straight for the ZhuZhu’s and he played with them all day. Then yesterday, same thing. And when it came time to start cooking dinner, he started the great big hamster race right in the middle of my kitchen! 

I started chopping and ZhuZhu’s started cruising! On my way to the sink to wash my hands I almost stepped on three different ZhuZhu’s. Then I am standing at the stove and feel this guy trying to cross my foot….

Let me tell you…it’s a creepy feeling having one of those guys trying to wheel across your foot!

I know that cooking dinner is a crazy time for most moms! But have you ever tried to cook dinner with a four-year-old and six motorized hamsters at your feet?!!

Everywhere I looked and everywhere I went….it was driving me crazy! I wanted to tell him to stop, to leave the kitchen while I cooked and put his ‘friends’ away until after dinner. I wanted to…but I didn’t.

I didn’t because I remembered what it was like to have a favorite toy. I remembered what it was like to be a child and be totally consumed by the present moment. I remembered that my son won’t always be at my feet, playing in my kitchen. I remembered that times like these should be treasured, not stopped. 

On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for my son, playing at my feet. I am thankful for the laughter he is bringing to my evening. I am thankful that my son reminded me to stop and treasure the moments of the day. That’s why I can share this with you. Because I stopped cooking. I grabbed the camera. And I captured the moment. Dinner will come together when it happens, but for now….I am going to watch and enjoy the great hamster race right in the middle of my kitchen!


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