Would You Buy It?

Hi there! How have ya been? 
Last night I was laying in bed thinking,
you know, 
like we all try not to do. 🙂
I had an idea hit me,
that requires me asking a question of you.

You may remember a little DIY project I made a few years back…

It was based off the inspiration of this art:

(According to statistical data),
my canvas art project is one of the most liked items on my blog.
I made this almost two years ago
and readers are still leaving wonderful comments.
I have seen so much interest in it that I am considering making
the three piece set, “Live, Love, Laugh” available
for purchase through my blog.

I know I shared the ‘how-to‘ but I thought some may
not have the time to get crafty and would prefer to just have it.

So if you don’t mind me asking, 
what do you think?
If you would be interested in purchasing a set for your home, 
please leave me a comment. 🙂

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