Back To School: 10 Work Stations for the Kids

Back to school time is upon us.
And if you are wanting to create a 
kids work station in your home,
I have some great inspiration for you!

I have found 10 great spaces that might be perfect for your little student.

1. Little nook turned kid office. 

I love the colors and efficiency of this space. From the fold
down table to the hanging buckets for drawing materials.

2. A revamped armoire, the perfect work station.
Designate a space to keep all the kids crafts and
toys in one location. One place that can be closed with doors,
I might add! 🙂

3. Space saver desk. Great for small rooms.

Use the space under a bunk bed to create the perfect
kid friendly work station.

4. Bookcase turned into desk for two.

The perfect solution for an old bookcase and an
unused table. Simply cut the table in half and attach
to the front and back of the bookcase. Now you have a space for two.

5. White elfa shelving can make in instant work space.

The great thing about this design is that it doesn’t take
up much space and it’s adjustable for your little ones as they grow.

Your station doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive
to get the job done. This one is neat, usable and comes 
with disguised storage! 🙂

7. Dream desk. I would have loved this desk growing up! 

A station placed in front of a window and centered
between bookcase is just perfect. Lots of
great storage available in this design.

If you have the space, this can be a great way
to keep everything neat and tidy.

9. Flip-down wall desk (with storage).

Build a work station for your little one with plans from Ana.

10. Desk with built in paper roll.

I love this idea of installing a paper roll on the wall.
I also like the way this desk utilized this corner space.

Seeing all these spaces makes me want to instantly
jump off this couch and start reorganizing my sons room! 🙂

Here’e to happy work station creations! 

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