Time With Friends

Our Chicago friends left this morning.
(insert super, sad face)
The house is so quiet. Too quiet. 

Looking back, we did have
tons of fun doing things like…

getting manicures!

I haven’t had one in years.
We decided to go with the gel manicure
because it is suppose to last for two weeks
with no chips. 
Really? Oh, I’ve got to see this.
I am happy to report that 5 days later…no chips.

We also ventured up to the mountains to 
get our hiking groove on.

We hiked a trail called Lookout Point.
When you reach the top you discover 
this cute little rock cabin.

The perfect place for a family photo, or so I thought.

I guess Sebastian didn’t agree. 🙂

Then there is the view…

ya, it’s not called Lookout Point for nothin’.

If you look closely you can see the highway 
winding through the mountains.

We also enjoyed many wonderful meals,
saw the Spider-man movie
and enjoyed a night of dinner and card games with some 
other  great friends from Wyoming. 

Their visit was a week long but it only seemed like a few days.
I guess that’s what happens when you are havin’ fun. 🙂

Ok, who’s next?
We need more company!

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