Time For A Spring Vignette


It feels so much like Spring outside that I wanted to bring it indoors. I started with making my Spring Vignette. I decided to stay in a theme of mint green with touches of white.

I went to Micheal’s last week where I found the birds, butterflies, and flowers 50% off. Works for me! The rest of the items where things I gathered from around the house.
I had this white picture frame just sitting in the garage. I was laying in bed almost asleep when this idea hit me. I have to say, I think it looks pretty sweet and it lightens the space up. I also love these guys…
My little green butterflies. They just ooze Spring to me. And they add a little delicateness to the whole space. I filled the glass vases with some speckled eggs from last years Easter display.
This shelf was simple with a few nests, eggs and some mint green hydrangeas bulbs. The white glass terrarium was actually from my wedding. We used it for guests to place card gifts. The plant inside was given to me from one of my Kindergarten students at graduation. 🙂
I had to have an “S” for Spring. (My husband was like, “Is that S for Sebastian?” Oh, no babe.) It was originally white, but I had to “spring-ify” it! It was pretty easy to do. To make yours, all you need to do is gather a few things like…

A sheet of moss and your letter. I was going to use that ribbon, but later I changed my mind.
Lay your letter on the back off the moss and trace around, leaving a board of about two inches.  Then just cut out your pattern.

Oh, did you notice my cut out doesn’t match my letter? Yea, that. Make sure you place your letter upside down before you trace and cut. Turns out it makes a big difference! Ha! Even though I goofed, I thought I could still roll with it, which I did! 🙂
I then grabbed some spray adhesive…
I just cut little slits in the outer parts of the moss and wrapped it around the letter. I then worked my way around inch by inch. And be warned…your fingers may turn up a little green by the end! 🙂
It’s okay though…the results are worth it.
I really love how my vignette turned out. The real beauty of it is that I can leave it up until June! Yea!

So have you started decorating for Spring yet? There’s only 7 more days until it’s officially Spring! 🙂

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  1. I love your vignette! We used very similar colors in our Spring decorating but yours is more creative than mine. Love how you used the frame and the terrarium from your wedding in your vignette. I saw your post over at the Spring blog party at The Lettered Cottage.

  2. Such a pretty vignette ~ thanks for linking to the It’s a Spring Thing Linky Party ~ pinning to our party board!

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