Six On Saturday: New Uses For Old Picture Frames

Looking for creative ways to use your old picture frames?
I think I may have an idea or two. You just have to think outside the frame…

1) Frame your refrigerator art. Glue magnet stripes to the back of small frames, turning your photographs and child’s drawings into masterpieces of art.

2) Discover a beautiful vanity tray. Place a gorgeous paper or fabric inside a frame and now you have created the perfect place for perfumes and powders.

Kitchen eclectic kitchen

3) Frame your favorite collections. Place treasures from family vacations inside some wide wood frames. Use museum wax to hold everything in place and create artwork in an unexpected place.

4) Display a collection of empty frames for instant art. Group together a selection various styles and shapes. Layer them on one another to make a bold statement.

5) Stop hunting and frame your keys. Remove the glass and paint the backing. Then attach key hooks using super strong hooks.

6) Organize your earrings in a frame. Put your jewelry to multiple use as a pretty decoration for your wall. Learn how to make your own with these step-by-step directions.


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