The Best Gifts for Kids


This roundup of gifts for kids includes ideas that are perfect for any little boy or girl in your life!

I think we all can agree, one of the best part of Christmas is watching the excitement of children opening their presents. So of course, kids are my favorite people to shop for.  So if you have along Christmas shopping list filled with little ones, grandkids or niece and nephews to shop for as well, I have a ton of the best gifts for kids! 

This roundup of gifts for kids includes ideas that are perfect for any little boy or girl in your life! #kidsgiftguide #giftguideforkids

SOURCES: osmo little genius | bounce battle | boom boom balloon | walking robot / cannonball launcher / lantern | two-way talk radios | plugo word games | laser tag set | gemstone dig kit | magnetic dollhouse | on-the-go drawing kit | bluetooth karaoke microphone | ostrich stuffed animalsnack shack playhouse | magic penny magnet kit |


And guess what? All these gifts for kids are perfect for both boys and girls. So hopefully you’ll find something great for all the little people you’re shopping for this year. 

Additional Details for Each of the Gifts For Kids

Osmo Little Genius | A fun learning kit that lets your child interact with tangible educational toys through an iPad, bringing their actions to life. It can help with pre-reading, problem solving and expand their creativity.

Bounce Battle | There are dozens of ways to battle with this ball set.  3D Tic-Tac-Toe, Nine Cup, Level Out, Point Ball, Alphabet Soup (patterns/shapes), H-O-R-S-E (trick shot), and others. Keep you and your little ones entertained for hours. 

Boom Boom Balloon | This is a crazy game where each player tries to keep the balloon from popping. Very simple but still very fun! 

Walking Robot – Cannonball Launcher – Lantern | These are fun, engaging and educational gifts from KiwiCo. And they are perfect for every kid on your Christmas list because they cover all ages.  From toddlers and kids to teens and even adults. You may have heard of their monthly subscriptions BUT did you know you can purchase single crates from the KiwiCo store – no subscription required. Every crate is hands-on fun for every budget – starting at just $9.95. Use my sale link HERE to get 20% off your purchase automatically

Two-Way Talk Radios | My boys would love to get their hands on these little talking radios. Heck, I think the hubby and I would love to play with them too! 

Plugo Word Games | This is a great word building kit that combines the goodness of hands-on learning with healthy screen-time. This can help your little one spell with alphabet tiles, grow their vocabulary, and improve grammar with story-based games. I’m totally getting this for Britton. (Shhhhh, don’t tell him. 🙂 )

Laser Tag Set | As much as I know the boys will love this – I’m thinking this laser tag set will be a hit with the whole family. 🙂 

Gemstone Dig Kit | Who doesn’t want to dig for buried treasure?! Give your child the thrill of digging in a real gem mine as they excavate real crystal treasures. 

Magnetic Dollhouse | This little wooden dollhouse has built-in magnets for a super easy assembly.  Plus it’s foldable size takes up no more room than a book on a shelf. So little one can build and create wherever they go! 🙂 

On-the-Go Drawing Kit | Let your little artist create whenever the mood strikes! This drawing kit allows your child to take their art supplies with them wherever they go. I’m totally getting this for Britton cause he loves to draw when we go out to restaurants. 

Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone | For every boy and girl who just want to sing a song and sing it loudly! 🙂

Ostrich Stuffed Animal | Ok – now I don’t know about you – but I want this ostrich. 🙂 But really, such a cute gift for a little one!

Snack Shack Playhouse | This fun restaurant playhouse features two sets of signs, so it converts into a BBQ joint or a coffee shop in a snap. With menus, illustrated ads and signs, you can consider it fully stocked for hours of play.

Magic Penny Magnet Kit | Amaze young ones with the power of magnets! Follow along with the highly-detailed, sixty-four page instruction booklet to easily build magnetic wonders. Your child can create gravity-defying sculptures and levitating pyramids. Spin pennies one-thousand revolutions per minute. Or even magically move pennies up ramps, over bridges, and along tightropes.

So I hope these ideas will help you get all your Christmas shopping done fast! 

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