The Adventure With My Little Man!

This morning when my son woke up, I told him we were going on an adventure today. You see, today is my birthday. And my husband had to work, so I decided to celebrate the day with my favorite little man!

The first stop on our adventure was to The Wildlife Experience. We had tickets to not only the museum but also to a movie called Animalopolis. We went to see the movie first…which was very cute! And my little man thought it was so cool…loved the big “TV screen”! After our movie we explored the museum which is also pretty cool!

Like this cool indoor water fall! 

We had to show you all the cute bears! There are two bears behind my little cub!

I had to see how my little fish measured up to the fish of the sea!

One last picture outside…hanging with the wolves!

We then left for the second place on our adventure…my son’s favorite restaurant…Chick-fil-A!! I know it’s my birthday and not his…but he was being so sweet to me on my special day, that I just had to treat him to a special lunch!

Where, I might add, he gave the cow a high-five!! L-o-v-e the cow!!

After some play on the indoor playground at Chick-fil-A, we went to our last stop on the adventure… Cost Plus World Market…Yippie!! I love that store!!

I had a $10.00 off coupon for my birthday…so I decided to pick this….

I have been looking for a clock for the kitchen for some time. And after my coupon I only paid $10! I think it’s going to look great on the new shelves I am building! Can’t wait to show you those!! Hopefully next week!
All in all, the adventure was a hit!! My little man was the perfect date. My birthday was alot of fun. And after all, 36 is the new 25, right?!!!!


  1. Happy late birthday to you! Sounds like you had a wonderful day with your little dude! I love spending mommy/daughter days with my Kelcee! Looks like he enjoyed it alot! I sure wish we had a Chick Fil A with playground here LOL…I am a new follower, can’t wait to read more

  2. Hi just calling by whilst blog hopping. Happy birthday. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Its amazing once you have children how the little things are more important on your birthday then all the presents that you use to hope for when you were young. Be sure to come by and say hi. Sarah

  3. Just stopping by from the Finding New Friends Blog Hop. Glad to find another Colorado mom. Great blog by the way.

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