The 21 Days To A Clean Organized Home Series

The 21 Day List:
Introduction and Sign Up

Day 1: Meal Planning



Day 4: Cleaning The Junk Drawer

Day 5: Organizing Your Spices
Day 6: Lovin’ The Oven Clean
Day 7: 5 Minutes To A Clean Microwave
Day 8: Organizing the Freezer (Part 1)
Day 9: Organizing the Freezer (Part 2)
Day 10: Customized Kitchen Utensils Drawer
Day 11: The Clean Coat Closet
Day 12: Organizing Your Desk
Day 13: The Pantry

Day 14: A Peek Under The Sink
Day 15: An Organized Fridge
Day 16: Under the Bathroom Sink
Day 17: A Look In My Medicine Cabinet
Day 18: Organizing Glass Bakeware
Day 19: Organizing Vitamins and Supplements
Day 20: Organizing Pots and Pans

Day 21: It’s Your Choice!

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