Six On Saturday: New Uses For A Hair Dryer

I found some great new uses for a hair dryer that just might “blow” you away! 🙂

1) Detach a photo from a album. To get a delicate photograph off one of those sticky pages, blow warm air onto the back of the page while gently tugging the photo free.

2) Erase crayon marks on wax spills. Kids gone wild again? Blow-dry the stain on high until the wax melts, then wipe with a soapy sponge.

3) Remove those stickers. A little hot air quickly removes those price labels- with zero fingernail chipping frustration.
4) Dust tough-to-reach places. Set the dryer on cool and point it at dusty shelves (highest shelf first), intricate knick-knacks, or even silk flowers to blow the debris right off!
5) Perfect frosting or icing. To harden frosting on cakes or cookies, blow cool air directly on it. To brighten a dull finish, give the icing a hit of hot air.
6) Dewrinkle plastic shower curtains or table cloths. Blow hot air onto fresh-out-of-the-bag material to “iron” out wrinkles- just keep the dryer about 12 inches back from surface. You don’t want a wrinkle problem to turn into a melting problem. 🙂

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