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Are you confident when you file your taxes? Never wonder again when you use TurboTax Live. You’ll have total confidence your taxes are done right!

Tax season is here! And I am excited to give you all the help you need to make filing this years taxes as easy as ever. Well, not just me. TurboTax wants to help you out too. They’ve teamed up with me to give you an opportunity to file with TurboTax Live for FREE! Yes, you read that right. A little more on that later. First let’s chat all about TurboTax Live. Have you heard of it?

Are you confident when you file your taxes? Never wonder again when you use TurboTax Live. You'll have total confidence your taxes are done right!

It’s such a great resource. So perfect for the first-time tax filer who doesn’t know where to start. Or perhaps a single parent who wants to maximize every tax deduction and get their biggest possible refund. Or even for the married couple with a really complex tax situation. And I get that! Being a blogger and self-employed has made Chris and I’s taxes definitely more interesting! TurboTax Live is great for every tip of tax filing situation. So let’s chat about how it works and all the benefits of using it!

How TurboTax Live Works

If you have never experienced TurboTax Live before, here’s how it works. You connect live via one-way video (so you can see them, but they can’t see you!). And then as often as you want, ask all your tax questions. You can also get personalized advice or even have your return reviewed, signed and filed for you. The awesome thing is there’s no need to leave the house.  

how turbotax works

You can file your taxes from a phone (iOS/Android), tablet (iOS/Android) or computer. With TurboTax Live, you can use it anytime, anywhere with the ability to seamlessly start, stop and continue your taxes across  all devices. I actually started mine, then stopped to take my boys to their grandparents. But then came back home and picked up right where I had left off. So great!

Now that I’ve explained what TurboTax Live is, let me tell you about my experience and why I think you should use it this tax season!

The Benefit To Using TurboTax Live

So this past week I logged into my account at TurboTax and started the process for filing my 2019 taxes. This was the first screen that popped up…

turbo tax

So nice! Right away TurboTax is giving you the option to have an expert help! Assuming the first few questions would be easy enough, I decided though to just keep going. 

Once I started answering question after question, my confidence began to build. The platform is just so incredibly easy to use! And TurboTax even provided a list so I knew what documents to have on hand. Which was great because I had completely forgotten to get my boys social security numbers. Do you have your kids social security numbers memorized? If you do – just know I am really, really impressed. I can barley remember my own half the time! 

TurboTax what documents you need

Talk to Real Humans

Yes! No automated machine responses — real help from real humans! Filing taxes is a big deal. Everyone, including me, wants to do it right the first time. So when I can see a real face addressing my questions, I’m 100% more confident in the answers I’m given.

And now, as I was moving through the process, I came to a point where I really wanted to ask a real human expert.

Expertise From CPA’s 

The real beauty of TurboTax Live is that I can easily get access to a real CPA or EA to answer my tax questions. That’s such a valuable resource!  So when it came time to breakdown the expenses for my blog, I had some questions.  I knew the obvious deductions but maybe I was missing something. 

my blogging expenses tubortax live

This is when I wanted to ask the experts. I knew there were expenses that I could deduct but maybe I was missing something. So I chatted with Safia and she reminded me about my mileage expenses for my blogging projects. I always forget about mileage! So thank goodness for that expert reminder.  

Review By The Pros

Another great reason to love and use TurboTax Live this year is because of the expert review. You can file your taxes with total confidence by getting a final review from a tax expert before you e-file your tax return or even get your return reviewed line-by-line, signed by a CPA or
EA, and filed for you. How great is that?

Unlimited Tax Advice – Year Round!

And one more benefit about TurboTax Live that may surprise you — TurboTax Live doesn’t close its doors on April 15!!  That’s right. You can  get year-round tax advice, fine-tuned for your personal tax situation. And these are just the benefits I love but there are so many more. To learn even more about TurboTax Live, visit their site HERE

So, now that I’ve shared all the benefits, wanna give it a try? I’m giving away TWO TurboTax Live codes! All you have to do to enter for a chance to win is leave a comment on this post! Winners will be emailed on Sunday 3/29. Good luck! 

Are you confident when you file your taxes? Never wonder again when you use TurboTax Live. You'll have total confidence your taxes are done right!



  1. Cool. Had an accountant who raised price so high. He only wants big bucks folks.
    Thanks for info and your experience with turbo

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