Stay In Love Series Day 5: Invigorate Your Intimate Connection


Intimacy is a big part of a happy, healthy relationship. Over the years that passion can start to fade due to worries over money, stress at work, fatigue from raising children and lack of communication. Overtime we start to take our partners for granted due to our busy schedules. We forget that our relationship needs regular attention. 🙂


So how do you get that passion back in your relationship and keep it there? I have a few suggestions:

Remember the importance of intimacy and protect it. You are a couple that fell in love and that should be nourished, often. Try not to let kids or work get in the way. Sex is crucial in restoring closeness and relieving day-to-day stresses that life brings. 


Try not to get complacent with your partner. I am guessing you didn’t fall in love just to have a roommate! Complacency leads to distance and then sex is put on the back burner while you try to repair your relationship. I discovered a reverend in Texas who challenged his married couples to have sex for seven days straight. Wow, that will definitely get the flame of love burning! Now, I am not saying that you have to do this challenge, but I think devoting a few nights a week is a good idea.

Flirting…it doesn’t have to be a distant memory. Remember when you first met your partner? Remember flirting like crazy? Then the years passed and life got serious. 🙁 It doesn’t have to be that way. I say, bring back the flirting! It’s harmless fun that can liven up any relationship.

If you have children, be affectionate in front of them. Children need to see good examples of healthy intimacy. This will show them how to behave in their own future relationships. Our son actually loves to see Chris and I hugging. Usually he will jump up and join in, followed by a “I love you guys”. 

Since we are on the topic, 
I wanted to share this video with you entitled “Business Time”. 
Please, don’t watch this alone.
 Grab your significant other and watch together. 🙂

Now, go get to business~ 😉

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