Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 8: Cleaning Your Cabinets

  Today’s challenge is going to be simple and sweet.
Just how we like, right ladies? 🙂

If you worry that no amount of cleaner will ever get all the fried grease and grime off your cabinets, let me introduce you to a few of my cleaning tricks.

I even have a bonus tip to clean ‘the green way’ if you prefer. 🙂

Experts recommend to clean your cabinets about every week. Seriously?
Now if you just laughed out loud at that unrealistic goal, I feel tons better! 
How about we shoot for once a month. Sound good?

The best supplies for this cleaning task are:

  • bucket
  • Murphy’s Oil Soap
  • water
  • paint thinner
  • rubber gloves
  • soft cloth
  • paper towels
The best steps for cleaning your cabinets are:
  • In your bucket, mix equal parts warm water with Murphy’s Oil Soap
  • add a dash of paint thinner and stir until the mixture looks milky white
  • put on rubber gloves
  • using a soft cloth, rub the solution over the wood of your cabinets
  • then wipe the wood dry with clean paper towels
  • Bonus Green Cleaning Tip: Mix equal parts white vinegar with hot water. Then add a few drops of olive oil and use a soft cloth to clean. The white vinegar will help to remove the grease and grime and will also disinfect. The olive oil will leave a nice shine on your wood. 🙂
If you follow these cleaning tips, you will have clean cabinets in no time. 
Then maybe you will want to clean your cabinets every week. 🙂
No? Cool…let’s stick with the once a month goal.

 Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping your cabinets clean? 
Share them in the comments below.

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