Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 10: Dusting Tips and Tricks You Should Know


  Today’s challenge is a cleaning task that I absolutely—hate.
I would rather clean the bathroom all day long, then have to dust my whole house.

(You may think I am crazy–which you would be right, 
but that’s a whole different topic for another day.)  🙂


  I loathe dusting because it takes forever and it gets everywhere
I found this horrible statistic that stated each year, an average of 40 pounds
of dust materializes in the home. 40 pounds people! 

How can we compete with that?!
Am I the only one who looks at this picture and thinks, dusting nightmare?!

Well, let me just say, if you hate dusting as much as I do, 
you are going to love my tips for cleaning 
and methods for preventing more dust from collecting in your home.
And for fun, I have the craziest tip I have ever heard 
that I do not recommended you do!

The best supplies for this cleaning task are:
  • fabric softener sheets (new or used)
  • feather duster
  • dust cloth
  • vacuum
  • paint brush
  • compressed air 
  • dusting spray –(if you prefer homemade-mix 3 cups water, 1/2 teaspoon olive oil, 1 cup white vinegar in an empty spray bottle; shake well and spritz.  Add a lemon essential oil for a delicate scent)
The best steps for dusting your home are:
  • start with vacuuming, otherwise you are just going to kick up more dust and it’s going to land somewhere else
  • always dust from top to bottom to prevent going over surfaces more than once 
  • use a feather duster for hard to reach spots
  • paint brush is good for dusting all kinds of nooks, even lampshades
  • dust cloth is good for dusting everyday items, like tables
  • fabric sheets are great for removing dust without stirring it upwards
  • for spaces that are super tight like keyboards, compressed air is your best tool
 The best methods for preventing more dust from collecting in your home are:

  • De-clutter- the less clutter you accumulate the less dust your home will produce (it’s just one more reason to visit the Goodwill!)
  • Remove Shoes And Use Two Entrance Mats- (placed on inside and outside of door) this will reduce the amount of dirt and debris that enters your home
  • Brush Pets- brush your pets often to reduce shedding in your home
  • Change Air-filters Often- check and maintain your air filters to make sure they are working properly (generally filters last about 1-3 months)

When I saw this, I just had to share it with you.

The craziest dusting tip I have ever heard:
I found this “tip” the other night and I literally could not stop laughing.
Here’s the tip: Toss tennis balls to remove cobwebs in far corners.
You know my mind, 
I immediately envision some lady chucking a bunch of tennis ball at 
the corners in the room while the balls are bouncing out of control 
and everything else in the room is getting broken and trashed!
Seriously? That’s a dusting tip?

What I recommend for cobwebs is a broom with a micro-fiber rag,
secured with a rubber band. Now that’s a dusting tip that won’t wreck your house!

 If you follow my cleaning tips, 
you will clean your home of dust more efficiently (without breaking anything) and
hopefully will prevent dust from accumulating as fast. 🙂

 Got any great dusting tips?  I would love to hear them.
Share them in the comments below.

April Spring Cleaning Challenge


  1. Saw this tip over at tatertots. Your post was funny. I too was picturing an old lady chucking tennis balls at her cobwebby corners. Great tips! Thanks for posting. Have a happy weekend!


  2. I’ve been using a broom and a cloth on my ceiling, but never thought to hold it with a rubber band. Thanks for the tip.

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