Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 17: Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Today’s challenge is a tough one…keeping the carpets clean.

 I personally can’t afford to get my carpets professionally cleaned 
more than about twice a year. 
We all know what happens in between those professional cleanings…it’s called life. 
Spills, food, dirt, pets, kids and more.

So how do you fight those tough carpet stains that life dishes out? 

Well combined with some different methods, 
a few tips and a couple of tricks 
your carpets can be super clean by using products
 you will likely find in your own home.

But before you start, a couple of tips to remember:

1) The best way to remove a stain is to simply blot the stain and try working from the outside in, rinse thoroughly with clean water and blot again.

2) Never scrub the carpet, you risk damaging the fibers.
BONUS TRICK: To prevent stains in high traffic areas, have a family rule that everyone remove their shoes before entering the home.  It’s a rule we follow in my own home and it definitely helps. 🙂

The best method for cleaning water-soluble stains 
(such as alcohol, milk, colas, berries, and mud) is:

  • Dip a white cloth into a cleaning solution of 1/4 teaspoon non-bleach detergent or white vinegar mixed with 32 ounces of water, rinse well and blot dry

The best method for cleaning special water-soluble stains

(such as blood, wine, chocolate, mustard, tea and coffee) is:
  • Dip a white cloth into a solution of one tablespoon ammonia mixed with one cup of water (but not on wool- instead use mild-detergent and water) rinse well, blot dry
          The best method for cleaning wax, oil and fat stains is:

  • Fill an empty spray bottle with one part ammonia and one part HOT water, spray it liberally on the stain, lay a clean white towel on top, and iron on warm setting
  • BONUS TRICK: I have heard this method works on almost every type of stain, from new to old. So if the other methods don’t work, be sure and give this one a try!

BONUS TIP: A great store bought carpet cleaner product to try is
 Woolite Pet + Oxygen. 
I have heard it does a great job cleaning wine spills, pet accidents and more!

 Do you have any tips for keeping your carpets clean? 
Or what’s your favorite carpet cleaner you can’t live without?

April Spring Cleaning Challenge

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