Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 16: Cleaning Our Vents and Bathroom Fans

One of the best ways to keep mold under control in your bathroom
is using your ventilation fan. 
This helps to move the air around and dry things out a bit.

With vents usually being located next to the ceiling, they often fall
into the category– out of sight, out of mind. 
Well, not today. Look out vents, you are front and center!

I will share with you two different methods to clean your vents and
 the step-by-step process to safely clean your bathrooms ventilation fan.

The best methods for cleaning vents are:

  • First, vacuum your vents to remove any outside dust on the grates. 
  • Fill a sink with warm water, add dish washing soap. Remove grates and place in sink, wash with a soapy cloth. Rinse and dry.


  • Rinse off, then place in dishwasher–saves you time and effort. (This, of course, would be my first choice!)
  • BONUS TIP: after you have cleaned your vents and they are completely dry (may want to wait overnight to be safe), wax them with some car wax (both sides) and buff clean; the wax will help to repel dirt.

    The steps for cleaning your bathrooms ventilation fan are:
    • Turn off the circuit breaker to the fan. Be sure and test the switch before you start. Fill your sink with some warm water, a cloth and a few drops of dish washing soap.
    • Using a ladder, unscrew the vent from the ceiling.
    • Place the cover in the soapy water and let soak.
    • Carefully wipe the fan blades with a dampened soapy cloth. Make sure to not wet any electrical wires. Pat the blades dry with a soft cloth.
    • Clean the vent cover with soapy cloth, rinse and dry with soft cloth. Be sure and let fan completely air out for an hour before reattaching cover.

    • Replace cover, turn circuit breaker back on and you are done. (This deep cleaning process is recommended twice a year.)

    BONUS TIP: If your fan needs a quick dusting, grab a can of compressed air. Turn the fan ON and blow the dust from your grill with short bursts of canned air.

     Do you have any awesome tips for cleaning your vents? 
    I would love to hear them!

    April Spring Cleaning Challenge

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