Six On Saturday: New Uses for Your Dishwasher

We all love our dishwashers for the extra help with cleaning and
sanitizing our dishes, but did you know their many other uses?

1) Clean your baseball caps. The washer can be too rough on caps causing them to get bent. Try the dishwasher, just don’t wash with dishes (food can get trapped in the cloth).

2) Give G.I. Joe a bath. Place your action figures or small toys in a lingerie bag on the top rack. Just be sure to let Barbie skip this fun adventure or she will have a bad hair day for a very long time! 

3) Clean your rain boots and flip flops. Remove the liners from your rain boots and place horizontally. You can also wash your flip flops at the same time, just place on the top rack.

4) Get your tools sparkling clean. The dishwasher is a great place to clean all your metal and plastic tools. But don’t forget to towel dry afterwards to prevent rusting.

5) Sanitize plastic hairbrushes and combs. These items can take a spin, just be sure to remove all hair to protect the drain.

6) Scrub those potatoes clean. Yes, I said potatoes. Place them on the top rack with a rinse-only cycle (no detergent). Now you can make your mashed potatoes faster than ever!

Do you have any new uses for the dishwasher?

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