Six on Saturday: New Uses for Yogurt Cups


We all know that yogurt cups are great for storing 
and transporting our favorite sweet yogurt.
But did you know after the yogurt is all gone
those little plastic containers have some wonderful new uses?
Discover six new uses for yogurt cups that 
may have you saving a few from that recycle bin! 🙂

1) Sort your hardware. Don’t lose a screw again! While doing repairs, use a yogurt container as a place to store screws, bolts and other parts you have removed.

2) Grow some plants. Poke a few drainage hole in a cup and start growing your seeds there before transferring them to your garden.

3) Hold your snack. A yogurt cup can be the perfect (single serving) size for snacks. Bonus: great for packing on the go.

4) Help you measure up. When you are not needing exact measurements, yogurt containers can be a useful measuring tool. An 8 ounce container holds about 1 cup of liquid or flour. A quarter container hold about 4 cups.

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5) Store paint. Use cups to hold small batches of paint for touch ups and other little projects.

6) Make some jewelry. That’s right, use this simple tutorial to make your own yogurt cup bracelet. 

Do you know a new use for yogurt cups?

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