Six On Saturday: New Uses For Vodka

Besides making a wonderful martini, vodka has some other great uses…

1) Repel those pesty insects. Pour a little saucy spirit in a spray bottle and squirt on the little buggers or yourself as a repellent.


2) Clean away mold. Instead of harsh chemical sprays, try filling a spray bottle with some bottom shelf vodka. Spritz on, then let sit for 15 minutes. Scrub away with an old toothbrush.

3) Fever reducer. If you are suffering with a fever, soak a washcloth in vodka and rub it on your chest and back as a liniment. 

4) Shine your fixtures. Moisten a soft cloth with vodka, then apply a little elbow grease. Soon your chrome, glass and porcelain will be shining like the top of the Chrysler Building.

5) Treat poison ivy. Immediately pour vodka on skin that has come in contact with poison ivy. The alcohol will wash away the itchy culprit, urushiol oil. 

6) Soothe Jellyfish stings. Vodka can disinfect and alleviate some of the bite of a jellyfish sting.

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