Six on Saturday: New Uses for Velcro

We all know that Velcro is super helpful
for little ones that haven’t learned how to tie shoes.
But did you know that Velcro has many more uses
besides helping your kid get dressed.

“Stick around” to discover six new uses for Velcro! 🙂

1) Keep a rug in place. Stick pieces of Velcro to the floor and to the bottom of a rug. No more slip-n-slide rugs!
2) Depill your sweater with ease. Lightly run the hook side over a pilly sweater to smooth it out.
3) Picnic in peace. Keep a tablecloth from flying away by applying some Velcro to the underside of the clothe and to the table. Take that wind!

4) Organize your toys. Affix the rough sides of a few strips to the wall, then add the soft sides to the back of stuffed animals (puppets). Putting away toys will be sticky fun. 🙂

5) Secure Fido’s dinner. Keep your pet’s food in a designated spot with a few small pieces of Velcro on the bottom side of the bowl.

6) Hang some art. Stick a few pieces of Velcro to the back of a lightweight frame and match up with corresponding spots on the wall. Bonus: No nail holes!

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Do you know of any other great new uses for Velcro?

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