Six on Saturday: New Uses for Transparent Tape

We all know that tape is a must when wrapping a special gift.
But did you know that clear, sticky tape can do more than help you celebrate a birthday? 

Discover six new uses for transparent tape that
will make you think twice about this home office favorite.
1) Try a new color. Find out what the latest color of finger nail polish will look like on you. Just place a small piece of tape on your nail, then brush on a test coat.
2) Clean your keys. Make cleaning your keyboard simple by sliding a strip of tape between the rows of keys. Crumbs and dust be gone!

3) Protect your plaster walls. Keep plaster from chipping when you hang a picture by placing a small piece of tape over the spot where you plan on hammering in the nail.
4) Arrange flowers with ease. A grid of tape over a wide-mouth bowl will help to support top-heavy flowers. Just cut your stems short and insert one to two flowers in each opening.

5) Keep your batteries close. Tape a replacement battery to the back of your electronics and never be left hunting down a battery again.
6) Fix your shoelaces. Don’t run out and buy new shoestrings, just seal the end of a frayed shoelace with tape.

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Do you know of another new use for tape?
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