Six On Saturday: New Uses for Tonic Water

Tonic water creates a very refreshing drink
when mixed with a little lime and gin.
But it has more uses than just making a great cocktail.
1) Preserve your fresh flowers. Add one part tonic water with two parts water and enjoy your flowers a little longer.

2) A stain lifting fighter. Use tonic waters bubbly effect to help lift stains. Just a dab will do.

3) Create a frosting that glows. Tonic is the secret ingredient to creating a spooky glow-in-the-dark goodie. Learn how to make these neon holiday goodies here.

4) Loosen rusty nuts and bolts. Pour some tonic water on top and allow to soak. Then loosen with ease.

5) Help relieve muscle cramps. When you have a leg or other muscle cramp, drinking tonic water may help the spasm stop.

6) Clean glass and more. Just spray to clean glass or even your counter tops.

Do you know any great new uses for tonic water?

Photo Credit: Glow-in-the-dark cupcakes
                    Muscle spasm

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