Six on Saturday: New Uses for T-shirts

We all know that T-shirts are super comfortable pieces of clothing.
But did you know you can do more than just wear one?

Discover six new uses for t-shirts that may have you setting a few aside. 🙂
1) Wear a stylin’ necklace. Did you know you can use an old t-shirt to make a very unique necklace? (this tutorial shows you how)
2) Add some flowers to your life. Use an old t-shirt to make some super cute flowers. (see the complete tutorial here)
3) Create a no-sew vest. All you need is a t-shirt and a pair of scissors for this quick vest! (see the tutorial here)

4) Braid a T-shirt rug. If you are good with a sewing machine and you like to braid, this t-shirt rug is for you. (see the complete tutorial here)

5) Make some cleaning rags. Cut some old t-shirts into appropriate rag sizes and use them to clean windows, mirrors and dust.

6) Tote your groceries in style. Skip the plastic bags and make your own food tote. (see the complete tutorial here)

Do you know of a new use for T-shirts?

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