Six on Saturday: New Uses for Sandpaper


We all know that sandpaper is extremely useful
for smoothing wood surfaces.
But did you know that rough paper could do 
more than just prevent splinters?

Discover six new uses for sandpaper that are pretty smooth! 🙂
1) Keep cats away. Attach scraps of sandpaper to furniture that kitties have been scratching. Felines hate the gritty feel on their soft paws.
2) Sharpen your shears. In a pinch, snip a piece of sandpaper a few times to sharpen dull scissors. Bonus: also removes gummy residues!

3) Open a stuck jar. To get a grip on a tightly sealed jar, place a course sheet on top of the lid, grit side down.Then simply grab and twist. 
4) Depill your sweaters. Wipe fin-grit sandpaper over a sweater in one direction very gently to remove pesky pills.

5) Stop those slugs. Keep slugs away from your potted plants by placing a sanding disk under the bases of your pots. (Maker sure the sandpaper is wider than the pot base.)
6) Scuff your soles. Slick soles got you slidin’? Gain some traction by rubbing medium-grit sandpaper over the bottoms of your shoes.

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Do you know a new use for sandpaper?

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