Six on Saturday: New Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

 We all know that rubbing alcohol is an essential for the home medicine cabinet.

But did you know that rubbing alcohol can do more than clean a cut or sanitize items in your home?

Discover six new uses for rubbing alcohol that may surprise you!

1) Make an easy ice pack. Combine one part rubbing alcohol with two parts water in a zip lock freezer bag, then place in freezer. The rubbing alcohol will prevent the water from freezing solid.

2) Remove hairspray with ease. Rubbing alcohol can help you lift off hairspray residue from your bathroom walls. Spray a mixture of one part rubbing alcohol, two parts water and a dash of dish washing liquid onto vinyl wall paper or semi-gloss paint. Wipe clean.

3) Sticky be gone. Leftover sticker residue from price tags and band aids got you down? Soak the area for a few minutes with rubbing alcohol, then wipe clean.
4) Clean permanent marker. To remove permanent marker from walls and countertops, pour a little bit of alcohol onto a cotton ball and rub on the stain. (Be sure to test on a hidden spot first!)
5) Relieve an itch. Rub some alcohol on a mosquito bite to dry out the area and relieve the itchiness.
6) Get a fire cracklin’. Keep wine corks in rubbing alcohol in a sealed jar (stored away from the fireplace of course). Just before lighting, toss a few under the kindling to get a blazing fire faster.
Do you know of other new uses for rubbing alcohol?

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