Six on Saturday: New Uses for Rice

We all know that rice is a tasty side dish to complete meal.
But did you know it also has some other fantastic uses besides 
filling our tummies at dinner time?

Discover six new uses for rice that may leave your rice steamer collecting dust! 🙂

1) Get glued together. Use rice to make your own glue. It dries hard and almost transparent, making it great for paper crafts. This tutorial tells you how.
2) Save your cell phone. Oh no, drop your phone in the sink? Dry any visible droplets and pop the battery out. Stick both the phone and battery in a bowl of rice overnight. The rice should soak up most of the remaining moisture.

3) Keep your shaker unclogged. Add a pinch of rice to your salt shaker to absorb moisture and keep things flowing.
4) Remove odors from your coffee grinder. Grind a handful of rice in your grinder and the fine particles will absorb stale odors. Throw away the rice and wipe clean.

5) Make a heating pad. Fill an old sock with a couple cups of rice and then tie up the end. 
Pop it into the microwave for a few minutes and you have an instant neck warm!

6) Scrub your vases clean. To clean the hard to reach bottom of your vase, simply combine water, a cup of rice, a few drops of dishing washing soap and some white vinegar. Swish the ingredients around and watch the rice scrub away. Rinse and allow to air dry.

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Do you know any new uses for rice?

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