Six on Saturday: New Uses for Pumpkins

Now that Halloween is officially over, you may still have a few pumpkins sitting around.
We all know that pumpkins can make a pretty sweet pie,
but did you know those famous gourds can be more than just a great dessert?
Discover six new uses for pumpkins that you will love until the end of vine! 🙂
1) Exfoliate your pretty face. Try this honey-pumpkin mask to that helps prevent dull, dry skin.  
2) Display a pretty centerpiece. Use a pumpkin as a festive holiday table topper. Simply cut off the top and remove the seeds. Then arrange fresh flowers in a water filled vase and place inside.
3) Light the season. Those tiny gourds are perfect for tea lights! Trace your tea light with a pencil on the pumpkin. Then gently carve out a small scoop for a the candle. 

4) Create sweet-smelling Pumpkin Pie Potpourri. Cut off the the top and scrape out the innards. Then using an apple corer, make a few round vents. Rub cinnamon or pumpkin-pie spices onto the lid. Then place a lighted tea-light candle inside.
5) Feed the birds. Make a seasonal feeder that your feather friends will love with this easy tutorial.
6) Relax with a fun cocktail. Yes, you can even make a pumpkin martini. Follow this recipe for a little pumpkin cheer!

Do you know a new use for pumpkins?


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