Six on Saturday: New Uses for Plastic Milk Bottles

We all know that plastic milk bottles are great for storing 
and transporting our milk from store to home.
But did you know that after the milk is all gone,
that bottle still has a few practical and fun uses?
Discover six new uses for a plastic milk bottle that
won’t make you cry over spilled milk. 🙂

1) Perfect paint holder. Cut the side out of a gallon milk bottle to make the perfect paint holder. Bonus: comes with it’s own handle and paint brush holder.

2) Make a sandwich carrier. After a few cuts you can turn that plastic milk bottle into a sturdy sandwich carrier. Learn the details here.

3) Paint tray for the kids. Skip the mess and cut the bottom off the bottle. You have an instant paint tray for the little ones.

4) Create a candle votive. Turn that old bottle into these fantastic flower votives using this tutorial.

5) Get to scoopin’. Leave the cap on and cut off the bottom portion. Use the handle as the handle scoop.

6) Gently water house plants. Make a watering can as gentle as you need by the size of the needle you use. This tutorial shows you all the details.

Do you know of any other new uses for milk bottles?

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