Six on Saturday: New Uses for Orange Peels

Did you know that orange peels can be really helpful around the home?

Discover six new uses for orange peels that may have you
looking differently at your favorite citrus snack.

1) Deodorize your kitchen sink. Do you have a stinky sink? Fix this by giving your disposal something nicer to chew on. Run some hot water, drop some orange peels down the hatch, and turn on the the switch. Odors be gone!

2) Clean your coffee mug. Simply remove coffee or tea stains from a mug by rubbing them with a lightly salted orange peel.

3) Keep brown sugar soft. Prevent your sweet sugar from becoming hard by keeping a three-inch-long piece of orange peel in the container at all times.

4) Make a serving bowl. After eating your orange, scoop out and freeze the peels. Cut a small slice off the bottom to create a flat surface (without cutting a hole) then fill with favorite frozen dessert. A bowl of ice cream never looked so good! 🙂

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5) Repel slugs. If you have a slug problem in your garden, spread some orange peels on the top of the garden’s soil.

6) Create home potpourri. Simmer a few orange peels and one-two cups of water in an aluminum pan for a few hours. Your home will smell wonderful. 🙂

Do you know a new use for orange peels?

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  1. Love your ideas!
    I take my orange peels and put them in a mason jar and cover with vinegar that I use for cleaning. I marinate them for afew days and then strain. The peels knock down the vinegar smell and the orange oil helps with cleaning power.

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