Six On Saturday: New Uses For Newspapers

The morning paper can give you more than just the news
1) Control that odor. Use newspaper to absorb odors in the refrigerators vegetable drawer by placing a lining of newspaper on the bottom.
2) Ripen tomatoes. Wrap individual tomatoes with newspaper and leave them out at room temperature. 
3) Origami planter. Newspaper can make a great biodegradable pot, perfect for starting your seeds. To learn how to make yours, visit Home Made Simple.
4) Dry shoes. Place crumbled papers inside shoes overnight.
5) Wash those windows clean. Newspapers deposit less lint then paper towels do. Plus they don’t streak! 🙂
6) Packing material. Use newspaper to package your delicate items. Wrap pieces, then crumble extra paper to fill in empty spaces.
Do you have any new uses for newspaper?

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