Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Hi there! Happy Friday! 
I hope your week was a good one.
My week was busy
 but I got a ton of stuff done so that makes me smile.

Time to share my fantastic finds of the week. Enjoy!

Fantastic Hairstyle Tutorial: The Quick Twist. A very cute style for short to medium hair.

Fantastic LOL Funny:
Fantastic Mexican Food Recipe: Southwestern Stuffed Peppers. My love for all Mexican food is no secret, I am totally going to make these! 🙂
Fantastic Indoor Garden: Wall Herb Garden. Love this idea…looks amazing and you can enjoy fresh herbs all year long.

Fantastic Chocolate Dessert: Chocolate Covered Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich. I love chocolate. I love brownies. I love ice cream. What else is there to say? I guess…I love this!

Fantastic Inspirational Quote:

Fantastic Summer Outfit: Coral, White and Brown. I love this color of pink. I have way to much pink in my closet as it is. But I still want this outfit! 🙂

Fantastic Question I Ask Myself Everyday:

Fantastic Momma Bear Hug:


Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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