Six on Saturday: New Uses for Nail Polish Remover

We all know that nail polish remover is a must when
you want to change your favorite nail polish color.
But did you know that remover has a few other uses?

Discover six new ways to use nail polish remover in your home.

1) Erase scuff marks. Dab some polish remover on a paper towel and wipe away any unsightly shoe marks on tile, laminate and concrete floors. (Avoid using on hardwood.)

2) Loosen caps. Dip a cotton swab into nail polish remover and rub around the bottom of cap to help loosen stubborn glue lids.

3) Rub paint off windows. Dab on nail polish remover in small sections. Let the solution remain on the painted area for a few minutes before rubbing off with a cloth.

4) Clean your carpet. For a synthetic-carpet cleaner, try some gentle non-acetone nail polish remover. Simply dip a cloth into the polish remover and apply to the stain.

5) Scrub your keyboard. No mater how clean your hands are, dirt still settles on those keys. Dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and gently wash off the keys.
6) Revive your dishes. Soak an old cloth in polish remover than dab on stubborn coffee and tea stains. Then rinse with soap and water.
Do you know of a new use for nail polish remover?

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