Six on Saturday: New Uses for Muffin Tins

We all know that muffin tins are great for baking our favorite muffin recipe.
But did you know that tin mold can do more than just cook muffins?

Discover six new uses for a muffin tin that may just surprise you!

1) Freeze individual marinara sauce. Leftover sauce? Don’t throw it out, simple freeze the remaining sauce in a muffin tin. Once frozen, dip your tray in warm water to release frozen marinara from the tins. Then transfer to zip-lock freezer bag to store. 
2) Cool your pies. That’s right, an upside down muffin tin makes a great cooling rack. The space between the molds allows the cool air to flow.

3) Make your own taco bowls. Use a turned upside down muffin tin to create your own taco bowls at home.(This tutorial explains the process)

4) Create big ice cubes. Small ice cubes melt faster, right? So make long-lasting jumbo cubes, using a muffin tin. You can easily pop them out by running the back of the tray under hot water for about 30 seconds.
5) Light up your life. Make your own floating candles with a this step-by-step tutorial.
6) Organize the office. Use a muffin tin to organize those little, easy to lose office supplies.
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Do you know of a new use for muffin tins?
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  1. I use muffin tins for a DIYdog puzzle enrichment activity. Dogs need mental and olfactory stimulation. Place small bits of dog treats or food that have a strong smell, like smoky or peanut butter flavors. Cover each treat with various types of round balls and/or toys. The balls should be large enough to fill the tin and hide the treat. Place the tin on the floor and let your dog show you how exciting and rewarding it is to work their strongest sense, their sense of smell. This is a problem solving activity that requires no direction or correction. Only praise is needed. It’s a great way to bond with a new dog or pup and to liven up days for dogs with limited exercise or mental stimulation.

  2. A travel agent I know who arranges day trips on a coach (bus) uses muffin tins to carry drink cups to passengers on the coach.

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